The Mission

Education. Research. Science. Breeding. Cannabis Genetics.

At the Cannabis Genetics Institute (CGI) our foremost objectives are research and education. CGI is an open-source, collaborative genetics initiative that welcomes both novice and professional breeders alike to participate in our projects and make use of our resources and resources.

Founded by Nico Escondido, Cultivation Editor of HIGH TIMES Magazine and Competition Director of the HT Cannabis Cups, and Harry Resin, founder of Delta-9 Labs (Amsterdam) and the Harvestmen (U.K.) seed companies and HIGH TIMES contributing writer, CGI’s stated mission is to use science and technology to develop molecular genetic breeding programs. A central pillar in this mission is to reinvigorate the cannabis gene pool by re-introducing both male and female genetics into a slowly stagnating gene pool caused by the over-feminization of cannabis genetics. To do this we offer original landrace genetics, the building blocks of today’s modern hybrids – along with the best education and research available – so that growers everywhere can contribute to the rebuilding process.

With technical partners such as Steep Hill Labs (Berkeley, CA) and the Nolan Kane Lab (University of CO, Boulder), CGI is working to fully map out the cannabis genome and utilize DNA sequencing technology to identify gene sets that are responsible for specific traits in cannabis. By identifying dominant and recessive genes, CGI takes the guesswork out of breeding and can more accurately and quickly create cannabis strains to be utilized for specific medical and recreational purposes.

While CGI is happy to create and work with today’s most popular hybrids, helping existing seed companies to proliferate their own strains, the CGI strain menu itself takes a unique approach to identifying genetics. Our genetic library consists of cannabinoid- and terpene-specific ratios, certified to be stable and consistent as labeled. These ratios have been proven to illicit specific medicinal and recreational properties as desired by the general public and as needed as the basic staples in breeding your own custom-made strains.